Limited Edition Zambezi Sofa From Ardmore

WORDS Amelia Brown

Iconic South African art studio Ardmore has launched a limited edition Zambezi Sofa.

As with all of Ardmore’s works of art, designs are inspired by the artists from Ardmore Ceramic Art. The various elements for the sofa were curated and laid out by Ardmore’s design team and then hand painted by artist Sidney Nyabeze.

The printed cotton that covers this statement-making occassional seat artfully combines elements from most of Ardmore’s new signature fabric designs in the Zambezi Collection: monkeys, strelitzias and crocodile skin patterning from “River Chase” fabric are boldly combined with the royal leopard and borders from the “Bush Bandits” design.

With just 40 available, this makes for a bold and sophisticated collector’s piece.

The Zambezi Sofa retails for R55 000. Find out more here.