Stylish Furniture For Cats

furniture for cats

COMPILED BY Amelia Brown

A favourite topic at the VISI HQ, this is by no means our first foray into furry-focused designs.

We’ve featured architectural landmarks from around the world by Dutch design studio Poopy Cat, cardboard playhouses scaled for tiny furry Pharaohs, presidents and princes; Nendo’s modular range of modern cubed beds in muted tones; and CATable 2.0, the stackable wooden blocks from Chinese studio LYCS Architecture, to mention a few.

Unsurprisingly, this is a popular niche around the world too. And we’re pleased to report we’ve spotted a trend that sees design-conscious pet owners disappointed with the standard offering and opting instead to design and create modern, chic pieces that not only seamlessly fit into a contemporary home, but actually become focal points. We approve! Here, we present you with some of the globe’s best feline furniture. In alphabetical order…


A contemporary, luxury cat bed, the PadPod has a sleek, shiny outershell and padded interior walls that are available in striking colourways to coordinate with your interiors. It’s slightly elevated – a feline preference, according to its designers.


A handcrafted sculptural globe available in white, black, gold and rose gold that rests on neat little wooden legs with a luxurious faux fur pillow inside.


furniture for cats

Meyou – “Classy furniture for discerning cats” – is described as an accessory line that is based on cats’ personalities: refined and elegant. The cube has a coated handwoven cocoon available in muted monochromes or vibrant colours, which acts as a scratching accessory and a catnap spot. Style conscious cat lovers, feast your eyes on this designer range.

chimere2 chimere

Trust the Parisians to have more than one sophisticated design offering. From the design studio Bloom Room, Chimère, which means a dream or fancy in French, offers museum-worthy contemporary pet furniture. The range includes a rocking birdcage, a Wes Anderson-esque fishbowl and a cat and dog sofa upholstered in the fabric of designer textile manufacturer Kvadrat.


Suitable for large breeds or two cats, this sleek plastic cave is sturdy and easy to clean with a spongy, snuggly mattress. A percentage of each purchase goes to charity.


A cosy, cute felt cave that’s handmade-to-order in wool in a range of colours by Etsy-shop owner Agne to five-star rave reviews.


Don’t be fooled by the textured knit look – it’s actually a 3D plastic shell from the knit range by Curver, a packaging design company known for its design and innovation heritage. It has two sleeping levels (inside or on top) or it can be flipped to offer a fully textured, functional surface.


We’ve praised Benji + Moon’s homegrown pet products before. Produced by local crafters helping to uplift communities, we love their collaboration with felt artist Ronel Jordaan on the 100% Merino wool Cat Cocoon. All natural, cool in summer and cosy in winter, they’re made by hand using only eco-dyes and eco-friendly processes.


From the Ohhio design studio known for their chunky-knit blankets, these cosy beds are knitted from soft Merino wool and are available in a variety of sizes and colours, with a percentage of each purchase going to charity.


This modern pet furniture company, named for the founder’s feline prototype tester, is in the business of “thoughtful, timeless and functional pet products”. The unique Hepper Pod offers a fully covered, cosy cave with a removable inner liner, or a “top down” snoozing option. It also promises “no cat paw prints” favouring solid colours and subtle textured prints that won’t clash with your decor.


Pup + Kit was borne when its founder was seeking stylish, functional pet beds to complement a modern home. Handmade-to-order with wood veneered plywood and custom finishes, this modern geometric den is designed to be used as a side table, making it a functional and stylish piece of feline furniture.