willowlamp’s New Release Inspired by Gaudí

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Award-winning local lighting design studio willowlamp has released The Halo, a chandelier inspired by the work of Spanish modernist architect Antoni Gaudí.

Blurring the lines between functional lighting and art, The Halo is a statement piece, whose signature shape is inspired by the architectural lines and Neo-Gothic arches of Gaudí’s Sagrada Família cathedral in Barcelona.

Adam Hoets, Creative Director at willowlamp, used Gaudí’s chain method as a starting point for his latest creation. Adam draws on many architectural methods in his work after training and practicing as an architect before willowlamp’s establishment.

“I initially had some sort of Gothic-looking cathedral design with multiple spires in mind,” Adam explains. He then rotated a foundational chain shape approximately 128 times. “It resembles more of a futuristic teleportation device than a Neo-Gothic cathedral, but nevertheless that’s where the idea first came from.”

For more information, visit willowlamp.com.