VISI Great Spaces Tour: Green Point Home

Green Point Home

On the balmy autumn Saturday morning of 16 April 2016 readers got the opportunity to explore Otto de Jager’s eclectic Green Point home in Cape Town.

The tour began with a story about Joburg-based Otto’s home away from home and an insightful explanation into his design style and aesthetic. The 103-year-old Victorian semi detached home underwent an interior facelift, transforming it into his dream home, a serene haven free of wifi, television and other modern-day distractions.

Guests were given the chance to ask Otto questions, mingle, snack on exquisite cakes and sip on Graham Beck Brut while experiencing the space.

Guests also took home a trendy goodie bag made by Helen Melon, including the latest issue of VISI (VISI83) and alternating bottles of either Graham Beck Gorgeous or Graham Beck Brut.

Watch what went down:

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