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NOTHING GIVES ME HOPE LIKE seeing something new. Coming across a piece of design – be it architecture, interiors, art or even tech-that has a fresh take on what’s gone before is genuinely thrilling.

And what makes it particularly thrilling is that it’s not like everything else we see is uniformly boring. On the contrary – the ideas and designs that regularly land on our desks are of such a high quality that it makes choosing what we’re going to focus on in each issue of VISI a wonderfully tough task.

But then we see the first images of our shoot at Jao Camp in the Okavango (page 66), where not only is everything recycled, reclaimed or handmade, but it’s been moulded and shaped into organic forms that make this bush camp demand a 12-page feature. Adding to our “Luxury Reimagined” theme is a 15th-century apartment in Italy that acknowledges its past and embraces the future in an astonishingly original way (page 78). This dovetails beautifully with the inspirational furniture, rugs and lighting that Annemarie has sourced for our VISION section this month.

Closer to home, we take a look at the bright, vibrant rugs a group of South African designers and artists created for the Molori Safari lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve (page 146), and we’re reminded of the late, great Gail Behr’s creatively maverick approach with Onderdorp – her final project, and an extension of the delightfully sentimental Dorp hotel she built three years earlier (page 124).

As our final ode to innovative design, we join the dots between Norwegian pop and coffee in Doha… but I’ll leave you to take that on.

– Steve Smith, Editor |

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