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VISI 115

I’ve always liked old stuff. From furniture, decor and art to clothes, cars and even bicycles, my tastes lean towards the classic. There’s a mid-century collectables vibe to my home, ’60s abstractism on my walls, vintage tweed in my wardrobe, and a fintail Merc and steel Colnago in my garage. I’ve nodded in agreement whenever anyone puts forward the argument that there is no such thing as a new idea, and that anything that’s presented as such is really just a reworked mashup or progression of what’s gone before.

To my surprise, however, over the last year or so there’s been a bit of shift in my sensibilities. What’s even more surprising is that, rather than grudgingly accepting the change, I’ve found myself embracing the compass-needle swing. It’s now wobbling to the future.

So what the hell is going on? Two things, is the conclusion I’ve reached.

One: the pandemic. A deep-seated desire to be done with this damn virus, and the repeated blows it’s rained on our physical, mental and financial health, has left me firmly focused up the road, rather than back down it.

Two: local design. There’s such incredible creativity and energy in product and interior design at the moment, and it’s propelling a bright and upbeat Afro-modern aesthetic beyond southern African borders to global applause.

And that pretty much sums up this Future Forward edition. It’s time to not just embrace a bright new world, but to encourage it. (I’m still keeping the Merc and the Colnago though.)

– Steve Smith, Editor |

VISI 115


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