Underwater Cities By 2030?

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring PHOTOS Shimizu Corporation via designboom.com.

How would you feel about living under the sea (literally)? Not that amped? Incredibly excited? It seems the majority of commenters are extremely against the idea. Either way, we’re not that far off to this concept becoming a reality.

Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation, in conjunction with Tokyo University and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology believe that by 2030, the technology needed to sustain life underwater will be ready, meaning that in just over 15 years we could be moving into one of Shimizu’s £16 billion “Ocean Spirals”.

How would this all work? The 14.5km resin structures would be created using massive 3D printers, each topped with a floating dome that can go under water during temperamental weather conditions. The floating dome will house hotels, restaurants, shops, etc for the 5 000 people living in the spirals below. The idea is also to allow scientists to create an “earth factory” on the ocean floor where natural resources could be used to sustain the underwater populations.

What do you think?