Treewow Villa by MONOARCHI


This dream-like treehouse by Chinese architecture firm MONOARCHI is steeped deep within an ancient bamboo forest and seemingly floats above sleepy streams.

Perched on one side of the dyke between a canopy of adult bamboo, this eight-metre-high treehouse humbly boasts two levels. A well-concealed steel base – with little impact on the earth beneath – gives way to a breathtaking wooden structure above. The bedroom terrace looks out onto an old tea factory across the creek and hangs slightly over the greens and browns of slowly flowing streams below, giving the illusion that the treehouse is hovering.

An amalgamation between fantastical contemporary design and local construction skills, Treewow is not only beautiful, but highly-functional in the fact that its non-linear eave boasts an impressive ability to withstand harsh natural elements. This can be attributed both to rural construction methods based on the laws of nature and a close cooperation between MONOARCHI and local construction workers.

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