Toogood Homeware


WORDS Robyn Alexander

British designer Faye Toogood presents a new Toogood Homeware range – including a ceramic collection and decorative throws – created to complement Toogood’s existing line of iconic furniture.

Studio Toogood – long known for the earthy, chunky, organic feel of its furniture designs – recently produced a clean-lined, unisex clothing collection, and collaborated with footwear brand Birkenstock on a range of covetable shoes. Now, the studio is moving into homeware and decor pieces.

According to the brand, the new Dough collection is named “to highlight the common ground of kneading in both baking and pottery”, and includes six key pieces: a mug, a jug, a platter, a bowl, a vase and a centrepiece. Hand- shaped in the Toogood studio before being cast in earthenware, the pieces share a pared-back yet playful simplicity: the mugs and pitchers boast chunky handles, while the platter has a rounded quality that calls to mind – of course – rising dough.


The vase and centrepiece echo the subtle shapes of the tableware. All items are available in two standard matte glazes – cream and charcoal – and each piece is individually finished, with the curves softened and the glaze applied by hand by expert artisans in Portugal.

“This debut homeware collection has been more than two years in the making,” says artist Faye Toogood.
“The inspiration came while I was exploring common items from the kitchen, such as the soft volumes of rising dough and hand-shaped leavened pastries. Being able to translate those experiences and forms into functional yet sculptural pieces has been thrilling. It represents an important moment for the studio, as we begin to bring our design pieces to new audiences without compromising on quality.”

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