Artist-Designed Blanket: SMTNG GOOD X Ben Eagle

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES courtesy of SMTNG GOOD

Local collaborative textile design studio SMTNG GOOD has teamed up with Cape Town-based graphic designer and illustrator Ben Eagle, aka Ben Veitch, on a new blanket.

Known for his minimalist approach to art, Ben’s latest offering for SMTNG GOOD features a graphic shape inspired by “the never-ending search for balance and unity, while exploring the relationship between certain shapes,” says Ben. “This forms part of the same family as our “Duo” and “Donut” handwoven wall art collaboration.”

“I’m really intrigued by the relationship between form and colour,” adds Ben. “I like finding balance between the two. It may look super simple, but it’s not always easy making shapes work perfectly and elegantly together.”

The jacquard machine-knitted blankets, made from 100% cotton, feature a ribbed border, and measure roughly 140cm x 180cm, ideal for the end of a bed, for use on a couch or using on an outdoor picnic.

Each blanket is branded with a genuine leather, laser-engraved label, beautifully folded & tied with ribbon, and packaged with an A5 print of Ben Eagle’s artwork. The blankets retail at R3 800 each.

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