The Lux Collective: SALT of Palmar


SALT of Palmar is The Lux Collective’s (TLC) newest property in Mauritius.

It brings with it a renewed sense of commitment to people and the environment and aspires to pursue environmental accountability and adherence to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and to invest in social responsibility. Through everything delivered to guests, the SALT brand hopes to create positive social, cultural and economic opportunities for the island.

SALT believes in meaningful travel. That’s travel that takes you to people, not just places. Meaningful travel satisfies curiosity and connects you to the local community and their way of life. You’re listening to and tasting local. You’re out there exploring. You’re in it, not beside it.

SALT is a beautiful base that gives you everything you need to discover the place you are in. But also everything you need to relax, escape and recharge.

Making a positive impact

Making a positive impact is not as easy as making a negative one, but it’s worth the extra effort. It’s about being honest and fair, being responsible, creating jobs, giving back and appreciating what we’re given. SALT sows seeds and builds relationships. It supports locals and respects their space. It doesn’t pollute or dilute. SALT is part of the community.

Farming it, not flying it

Every SALT resort has its own farm, using permaculture practices and hydroponics to yield diverse crops. Each of the farms has its own vegetarian restaurant. What can be done with vegetables – super-fresh seasonal vegetables – is wondrous. It has become the heart of SALT’s food philosophy. Simplicity is an ingredient.

Cooking in kitchens that care

No buffets. No waste that isn’t composted or fed to animals. Clean plates and consciences. Simple menus with daily specials based on the resort farm’s harvest and fishermen’s catch. SALT promotes eating what’s in season. Proteins are local, and what can’t be grown on the farm is sourced sustainably, including eggs from a free-range neighbour. Suppliers are family. The SALT team bakes the bread, makes the sauces and roasts the coffee.

Going local for the lot

Whatever the hotel needs it gets from local sources, seeking out the makers and mavericks who live and work nearby – clocking up zero skill miles. Art, furniture, music, photography, fabrics, accessories and toiletries. The list goes on. It supports the local community and economy. It’s the starting point of sustainability. It celebrates authenticity and it gives each SALT its very own feel.

Playing melting-pot music

The playlists heard at every SALT have been curated to make one smile. They weave together the classics and new releases that hold the secret to the local sound.

Saying no to single use

You will never find a single-use plastic product at SALT. Refillables, yes, but straws, coffee cup lids and tiny toiletries, no. Cornstarch does the same job for packaging, and it’s compostable. SALT does clean-ups of local beaches and streets and then finds a new life for the plastics found. Single-use becomes multi-use.

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