The Dual Doors by Warther Dixon

warther dixon

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Warther Dixon

Artist duo Caitlin Warther and Wendy Dixon of Warther Dixon collaborate on sculptures, films, photography and site-specific installations, such as The Dual Doors: a set of two light-based sculptures placed strategically in conversation.

The glowing LED portals stand at opposing ends of a historic tunnel in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. To the artists, a door represents a choice. “Choice, by nature, requires a person to select one option over another; front or back? Forwards or backwards? Pink or orange? A or B?”

Each door has two different colours (pink and orange) on the front and back facing in opposing directions. From one vantage point you see only the single colour; step through – or view from outside the opposite door – and you become aware of the other shade. According to the duo, the doors stand as an experience of “both and”. Both face forward and backward. Both are pink and orange. The light they are made of is both a wave and a particle.

Warther Dixon has a new body of work entitled The Space Between Us, on show at the Everard Read Gallery Cape Town from 14 October to 1 November 2019. The artists’ distinctive sculptures of mirrors and light offer viewers an opportunity to gaze within, to reflect on their perceptions of time, identity and spirit.

Located at 3 Portswood Road, the gallery forms part of the Portswood Ridge Precinct in the V&A Waterfront that will be activated over 30-31 October 2019 for Catalyst Africa. The two-day multidisciplinary event aims to create connection and enquiry around the intersection of technology, creativity and mindset. The programme includes over 50 talks, workshops and interactive sessions hosted by educational institutions, artists, business specialists, creatives and technical experts.

Attendees can design their own agenda and use the map of the precinct to engage with the layers of immersive creativity on offer, which include pop-up concerts, interactive virtual experiences in the galleries, and access to The Dual Doors installation in the V&A tunnel.

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