Surreal Interior Design by Victor Zastolskiy


Interior designer-cum-Depositsphoto contributor Victor Zastolskiy creates digital interior design art pieces that delight and puzzle, inviting audiences to abandon norms and consider creative wonder.

Victor’s surrealist works are at the culmination of several genres: classic photography, video game design, interior design concepts and 3D modelling. Each of which pays reference to his varied experiences as an interior designer, computer game designer and his art school graduate. The result? Digital collages that combine uncanny parts of the universe

His primary source of inspiration is other creatives, accidental photos he takes during his day, objects from different time periods and iconic interior design concepts. He believes one does not need to have a formal education to be a successful artist and instead suggests a lot of reading, watching and listening – paying tribute to Monty Python’s Flying Circus as the conduit for most of his useful knowledge. He believes that no matter where one is in their career, it is okay not to have found a definitive style.

His rule for creativity is: “Don’t try to make something unique. Absolute originality is impossible today. If you chase it, then you risk never starting anything in the first place.”

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