SAOTA’s First Project in Russia: Silver Pine

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Sergey Ananiev 

Set upon an island in the Moskva River, SAOTA‘s Silver Pine in partnership with ARRCC, Max Kasymov and OKHA is a modernist force that reinterprets Moscow’s architectural character to deliver a bold façade and a warm, luxuriant interior reminiscent of the way the outer shell of a geode reveals shimmering agate within.

Located in Moscow, Russia, the villa’s design centres its rare position amidst a pocket of natural pine forest near the capital’s historic centre. The result is a mediated dialogue between both settings; a design centred around spaces from which to savour the changing seasons in comfort, however harsh they become, and an architectural premise of contrasts.

SAOTA's silver pine

Outside, the street’s silver-grey cladding frontage speaks to Moscow’s defined architectural character – built to resist extremes of heat and cold. It features a sculptural buckle: a backlit bronze-clad façade that connotes the promise of luxury beyond the threshold.

Inside, interiors by ARRCC and Max Kasymov see choices of exotic marbles, metal and timber contrast exteriors with playfulness, softness and warmth, while continuing the exterior conversation through details like the television’s arresting metallic frame by OKHA. Other ogle-worthy OKHA pieces include the Nicci Swivel armchair, Mesh side table and the To Be One Lamp in the living area.

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