SA Street Artist Sonny’s Global Takeover

WORDS Amelia Brown

An elephant in Jozi, a lion on the streets of NYC, a bear in Canada, an Amur leopard in Russia, a tiger in Ireland, and, most recently, a rhino and young girl in London: our proudly South African street artist, Sonny, continues his wild world tour

Sonny’s To The Bone art initiative aims to raise funds and awareness for endangered wildlife. He believes that the wellbeing of animals is intricately tied to our own ability to thrive and he’s used his passion for wildlife to create artwork that highlights the extinction crisis we’re facing. 

In addition to the striking murals, his paintings depict animals’ faces breaking away to reveal the raw skeletons underneath, symbolic of how these beautiful creatures are quickly fading away. Tribal patterns from the animals’ country of origin adorn the exposed bones, driving home the message that in losing them we’re losing a part of our heritage too. 

By embarking on a world art tour to exhibit his work and paint large-scale murals in as many locations as possible, Sonny hopes to highlight this critical issue. On Sonny’s site, you can take action by buying an artwork (10% of each sale will go to the International Foundation for Animal Welfare’s projects, such as their Russia tiger work), making a donation, or even bringing an animal to your city by sponsoring a mural.

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