SA Design In The Netherlands

WORDS Zelia Michaels Shangase

Anke and Wiebren Bergsma have created a distinctly South African space in the Netherlands, named Nuweland, with some of our finest art and design on display.

Living in South Africa for five years, Anke and Wiebren Bergsma became fascinated with our local creative talent. So when they returned to the Netherlands, they decided to open a gallery with a curated selection of South African furniture, decor and art. We were curious to know more.

What do Dutch people think of South African design?
Those who have travelled to South Africa immediately recognise the designs, but those who have never been tend to have a stereotypical view of what South African design and art would be, and are surprised at the beauty, aesthetics and craftsmanship of the designs.

Why did you call the gallery Nuweland?
We love Newlands in Cape Town; it’s where we lived. Then also because everything about this endeavour is new, from the space we have created to the concept of having a South African-inspired spot in the Netherlands.

What plans do you have for the space?
We are planning an exhibition of Bastiaan van Stenis’s work. We would also like to develop the property to include a Cape Winelands-inspired space where guests can enjoy a meal and a glass of wine.

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