Fine art and architecture meld together in the works of Gabrielle Raaff and Lorenzo Nassimbeni under the exhibition title “Realm” – now on at Salon91 in Cape Town.

This urban enquiry sees fine artist Gabrielle and architect Lorenzo investigate spacial conditions, both abstract and specific, by joining forces.

Gabrielle, a fine artist in the purest sense, draws with the use of shape. Her compositions are abundant with clarity and are innately architectural. Lorenzo abstracts that which he sees by employing an economy of line, therefore drawing the architectural nearer to the artistic.

Implied shape and line suggest the space where, through considered study and distillation, a common realm is created – an interesting study for those interested in either the artistic or architectural discipline.

The exhibition opens on 7 September at 7:30pm and runs until 1 October 2011.

More information:,, +(0)27 82 679 3906