Charm School: Q&A with Local Jewellery Designer Anna Rosholt

INTERVIEWED BY Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Katinka Bester

We chat with Cape Town-based jewellery designer Anna Rosholt (also featured in our round-up of 31 local jewellery design brands) about her new range of bright, fun handmade charms, her love of gems and her philosophy of ‘slow jewellery’.

How did ‘Anna Rosholt’ the jewellery brand come about?

My passion for jewellery and gemstones stems from my grandmother, who had the most incredible collection of costume and fine jewellery. She was glamour and grace defined, and I just adored her. She was the inspiration behind my first collection – Beetle, a motif that featured often in her jewels from all over the world.

Following my studies, and after gaining industry experience, I decided to take the plunge and start my own brand. Growing up, both of my parents set an example of self-employment, and I specifically grew up watching my talented Mum grow and run her own very successful interior design business. My parents were incredible in encouraging me to pursue my creative dream, offering advice and help wherever they could. 

My brand has grown with me as I have grown and learned more and more. It’s a business that is so closely tied to my values and who I am, so it’s always been important to me that I don’t lose that essence along the way. Our focus is on building a community and creating beautiful things, and that makes me really happy! 

How would you describe your jewellery design aesthetic?

Our aesthetic is perfectly summed up by our brand motto which is Untamed Elegance. Our pieces are bold, with authentic texture and intricate details, but are equally sophisticated and well-considered with a definite African essence.

Describe your brand in three words.

Distinct, Elegant, Fabulous.

Where do you look to get inspired?

I follow a lot of local and international designers and brands on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m also subscribed to their newsletters. As a visual person, I can spend hours soaking it all in! And when I’m able to travel abroad, I love finding smaller concept stores that showcase local emerging designers.

Can you tell us more about your charms? Will you be adding any exciting additions to the collection?

Our charms are such a unique part of our brand, and we’re quite obsessed with them! We’ve got charms featuring our little animal mascots (Beetle, Rhino, Leopard and Bee) as well as a variety of natural gemstone charms in a range of gorgeous colours, shapes and textures that can be worn interchangeably on our signature Hoop Earrings and most necklace or bracelet chains. 

We encourage our clients to mix, match, stack, and style different looks according to their outfits, mood, or occasion. The best thing about them is that they are so versatile – you can create multiple looks tailored to your personality and style. We love seeing the fun combinations that people put together! 

Anna Rosholt

We have just launched some stunning new charms to our existing collection, and more will follow in the next few days and weeks. Think fresh colours, think birthstones, think exploding hearts… we can’t wait to share!

Do you have any favourite gems that you absolutely love working with?

I’m a complete colour addict, so I find it hard to pick my favourite gemstones. But I will say that Sapphires and Tourmalines have always made my heart flutter.

Any local up-and-coming jewellery designers on your radar right now?

None that I can think of right now, but I fan girl over Ida Elsje and Taz Watson’s designs.

What are your jewellery trend predictions for 23/24?

Our studio is all about the asymmetry trend that has emerged – this is especially fun if you’re curating your charm look or styling multiple piercings. It’s a look we love as it adds an extra layer of interest and edge. 

We’ve also been seeing a big turn towards heirloom jewellery as well as pieces featuring birthstones, and my feeling is that this is here to stay for a while. Our clients are very conscious of investing in jewellery that can be worn, layered, and passed down for years to come. We make a lot of signet rings featuring family crests, redesigned family jewels and birthstone pieces. Jewellery that holds the magic of meaning and memories are the pieces we are continuing to see the most of.

Do you have any new launches planned for the remainder of the year?

Yes! Following our new charm launch, we will be launching a curated selection of new pieces to add to our existing collections. We’ll be tweaking designs to improve them, and also adding new pieces to collections. Our philosophy has always been geared toward ‘slow jewellery’ that is timeless and long-lasting, so we are aiming to build on our existing collections rather than ride trend waves each year.

Where can our audience find you?

Our full collection can be shopped online at You can also book a browse to shop in our Loop Street store. 

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