PUMA: Re.Gen Collection

WORDS Celeste Jacobs

The latest collection from the global sports brand PUMA is an effort to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it’s no surprise that retailers are taking a cue from consumers. This environmentally considerate twist on consumerism is a step in the right direction for the fashion industry and environmentalists alike. According to The Pretty Planeteer, 95% of textile waste can be recycled and that mass comes in as a whopping 13 million tons of missed opportunities globally. It sounds massive (because it is) – and it’s brought about because the average consumer discards about 31,75kg of clothing per year.

Apart from thrifting, clothing swops and buying less – we can also shop more sustainably. This can take the form of buying from local, small businesses or reaching for an international brand that’s made an effort to honour the growing environmental concern. PUMA’s latest collection, RE.GEN is a great example of making the most of materials (that would ordinarily go to waste) to produce items of clothing and footwear that tick both the sustainability and style box. 

In a move towards revaluing recycled material and giving what would ordinarily be discarded a second chance, the PUMA RE.GEN collection combines recycled material from three sources: PUMA’s leather off-cuts, cotton off-cuts from the textile industry and plastic that is recycled to produce polyester.

The collection is inspired by the recycling process and falls in line with PUMA’s goal to have nine out of every 10 products made sustainable materials by 2025. “In our sustainability strategy, we focus on making the largest possible positive impact, so our customers know that by buying a PUMA product, they buy a sustainably sourced product,” said Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability at PUMA. “We will continue to push hard to live up to our mission statement of being ‘Forever Better’.”


The collection features the RE.GEN Oslo Maja (R1 899), Cropped Jacket (R1 799), Tee (R649), AOP Tee (R799), Wide Leg Pants (R1 299) and Woven Skirt (R1 299) for women while men’s gear includes the RE.GEN Oslo City (R2 299), Jacket (R2 499), Woven Pants (R1 799) and AOP Tee (R899). Completing the collection are the RE.GEN Shoulder Bag (R799), Deconstructed Low Curve Cap (R399) and RE.GEN Short Visor Cap (R399).

PUMA RE.GEN is available from Thursday, 20 May from PUMA.com, PUMA stores, Archive online, X-Trend, Superbalist, Shesha and selected retailers.