Porky Hefer in NYC

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES Joe Kramm for R & Company

Porky Hefer’s solo exhibition Heart of Lightness recently opened at the prestigious R & Company gallery in New York City, in collaboration with Southern Guild.

The exhibition, which is inspired by Joseph Conrad’s renowned book Heart of Darkness, deals with stereotypes that still hold strong in post-colonial Africa.

It is described by R & Company as “an exploration of perception and instinct, encouraging the viewer to go back to what is human, what is natural and what is playful.”

The exhibition showcases Porky’s distinctive nests, all of which have been handcrafted. “Each piece is meant to be inhabited like a hermit inhabits shells,” explains Porky.

The exhibition runs until 23 February 2017. For more information, visit r-and-company.com.