Pippa Dyrlaga’s Paper Art

WORDS Mary Garner IMAGES courtesy of Pippa Dyrlaga

British paper cutting artist Pippa Dyrlaga creates delicately intricate paper silhouettes, something she’s been doing since 2010.

Her works embody an enchanting and fairytale-like quality, making one hanker back to a time when art was simply a process between the artist and their medium.

“My work is inspired by animals, nature, the place I live, architecture and the occasional pop culture reference,” says Pippa on her website. “My paper cut works are mostly cut from a single sheet of paper. They are first drawn out by hand on the reverse of the paper, and then hand cut using a scalpel, and can take hours to complete. The process is just as important to me as the finished product.” Pippa finds the process of creating her delicate artworks, using traditional techniques, to be a calming and meditative experience.

View more of Pippa’s work at pippadyrlaga.com.

(h/t) yatzer.com