Picks of the Week

Picks of the Week

From life-like embroidered moths and butterflies and mussel pots from Le Creuset to the world’s first bionic robotic cat and a multi-use desk and storage container, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Yumi Okita’s Fabric Butterflies and Moths

Theses incredibly detailed embroidered sculptures are made by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita, using thread, feathers and faux fur.

Images via thisiscolossal.com, courtesy of Yumi Okita

2. Le Creuset Mussel Pot

You can serve perfectly steamed mussels straight from stove to tabletop in Le Creuset’s Mussel Pots. Made from enamel-on-steel, the pot is available in a variety of cool colourways.

Images courtesy of Le Creuset

3. Filodesign Mini Desk

This nifty multi-purpose furniture piece by Filodesign converts from a storage container into a desk with one swift movement, perfect for small spaces.

Images courtesy of filodesign.it

4. Neo-Noir Candle Collection by Miminat Designs

Miminat Designs, founded by British-Nigerian designer Mimi Shodeinde, has launched a new scented candle range, available in four different colours and scents, namely Electric, Noir, Noir Smoke and White Forest, each topped with Miminat’s signature engraved wooden lids.

Images courtesy of Miminat

5. MarsCat

Chinese tech firm Elephant Robotics has launched Marscat – the world’s first bionic robotic cat – on Kickstarter. The digi-kitten can recognise 20 keywords and moves using 16 motorised joints. MarsCat interacts with its surroundings by using sensors and cameras, making it the perfect robo-pet.

Images via designboom.com, courtesy of Elephant Robotics