Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From rainbow-coloured mandalas and pictures of Mumbai taxi ceilings to scooters made from car parts and captivating spiral puzzles, these are the VISI team’s top Picks of the Week.

1. Canteen Collection byΒ Ed Carpenter and AndrΓ© Klauser

Launched during 2009’s London Design Festival, the Canteen Collection Utility Chair is inspired by the post-war British school chair. Featuring an updated upholstery method, the chair is lightweight and stackable, reminiscent of the original version.

Images via verygoodandproper.co.uk

2. Mumbai Taxi Ceilings by Rachel Lopez

Instagrammer @thegreaterbombay documents the roof art of Mumbai’s taxis by taking upward-facing selfies on her journeys across the city. Bold patterns and intricate fabrics adorn the ceilings of her rides, which are all catalogued on her feed.

Image credit: @thegreaterbombay on Instagram

3. Volkswagen Beetle Mini BikesΒ 

By taking apart a Volkswagen Beetle, custom build specialist Brent Walker created two retro mini-bikes using the car’s exterior body and adding old-school ’90s handlebars.

Images via designboom.com

4. Nervous System’s Spiral Jigsaw Puzzles

These spiral puzzles put a twist on regular puzzle building, drawing inspiration from the shape of seashells made by cephalopods. The puzzles come in three different options, each posing different levels of complexity.

Images via n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com

5. @lady_meli_art’s Mandalas

@lady_meli_art creates intricate mandalas using an array of rainbow-coloured felt-tipped pens. Each mandala is unique, using the processes of sacred geometry and intense precision, resulting in calming and repetitive patterns.

Image credit: @lady_meli_art on Instagram