Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From an uplifting tote bag and IKEA tarot cards to Le Creuset’s Marble casserole and mixed-media artworks partially created by bees, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Ava Roth’s Mixed-media Artworks

Artist Ava Roth creates works of art with the honeybees in her garden. She combines embroidery, fabric, bark and honeycomb to build mixed-media collages that the bees also contribute to.

Images via thisiscolossal.com

2. Le Creuset’s Marble Casserole

Le Creuset has released a new Marble Signature Round 24cm Casserole. The limited-edition casserole forms part of the brand’s cast-iron collection and comes with a complimentary gift of 4 mini cocottes.

Image courtesy of Le Creuset

3. Seriously Have a Good Day Tote by Skinny laMinx

Local textile and homeware brand Skinny laMinx has released a new tote bag to send positive vibes off into the universe. The Seriously, Have a Good Day tote aims to promote a message of happiness. “The #seriouslyhaveagoodday campaign is all about taking our daily actions seriously, as we help cultivate a climate of generosity, friendliness and optimism,” says the Skinny laMinx team. The tote is available online and in-store.

Images courtesy of skinnylaminx.com

4. Crocodile Log Collection by Mama Wata

It may look like a crocodile but no matter how long a log floats in a river it never will be a crocodile. This Congolese proverb inspired local surf brand Mami Wata’s new Crocodile Log range. The proverb aims to encourage people to be themselves.

Images courtesy of mamiwatasurf.com

5. IKEA Tarot Cards

Brooklyn-based software engineer Akiva Leffert has designed a quirky pack of tarot cards, replacing the original imagery using illustrations of IKEA’s flatpack instructions.

Images via designboom.com