Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From the mesmerising Morpheus Hotel in Macau to architecture-inspired poufs and a hot dog bus in New York, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Zaha Hadid’s Morpheus Hotel

“The facade of the striking Morpheus Hotel in Macau, designed by Zaha Hadid architects, pays homage to China’s traditional jade carving traditions,” says Content Producer Mary Garner. “This dramatic building forms part of a resort called City of Dreams, made up of a shopping district, casino, two theatres, 20 restaurants and four hotels.”

Image credit: Ivan Dupont via designboom.com

2. Note Design Studio’s Architectural Poufs

“Swedish brand Note Design Studio has created a collection of architecture-inspired poufs,” says Online Editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “Before deciding on arches, the studio explored a range of architectural forms, including domes and silos. I love the end result.”

Image credit: Matevž Paternoster via dezeen.com

3. Vilela Florez’s Bamboo House

“Designed by architectural firm Vilela Florez, this 180-square-metre, one-storey holiday house in Brazil is made of bamboo slats that have been laid diagonally between dark vertical ribs,” says Art Director Lené Roux. “What a spot for a summer getaway!”

Image credit: Maira Acayaba via dezeen.com

4. Helle Mardahl’s Candy Collection Lamps

“Based in Denmark, artist and designer Helle Mardahl’s Candy Collection, a series of ornate glass lamps, are all inspired by sweets,” says Managing Editor Samantha Charles. “I love that each lamp is handmade and entirely unique.”

Image credit: hellemardahl.com

5. Erwin Wurm Hot Dog Bus

“Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has, with the help of New York’s Public Art Fund, created a Hot Dog Bus that will deliver 50 000 free hot dogs in Brooklyn Bridge Park over the summer,” says Copy Editor Kay-Ann van Rooyen. “The body of the bus (a Volkswagen T2b Microbus) was created using a combination of styrofoam, urethane, putty and paint.”

Image credit: Liz Ligon via artsy.net