Picks of the Week

picks of the week

This week, the VISI team has selected tiny bottles of pink gin, recycled metal art and delicate lights as some of our favourite picks from around the world.

1. Katharina Grosse Paints The Danish Coastline Pink

“These pretty pink hues form an eye catching ‘art zone’ that adds an unexpected vibrancy to the landscape,” says Features Writer Amelia Brown.

Image credit: designboom.com

2. A Miniature Town For Hamsters

“As many as 1 325 detailed pieces make up this tiny town for hamsters,” says Online Editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “It took the team behind the project 1 984 hours to build the little town and the houses within it. I just love the detail in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, from houndstooth scatters to Scandi furniture.”

Image credit: boredpanda.com Video credit: LeavingStoneTV on YouTube

3. Dan Rawlings’ Scrap Metal Art

“Dan’s use of discarded materials and tools serves as a positive way to address the throw-away culture we currently live in,” says Managing Editor Samantha Charles. “His transformation of an old van, entitled Nature Delivers, is my favourite example of his work.”

Image credit: boredpanda.com

4. Atelier De Troupe Etoile Lights

“The Etoile chandelier and pendant lights from Los Angeles-based design studio Atelier De Troupe are a perfect example of tasteful design,” says Content Producer Mary Garner. “I love the combination of the elegance of the gold and the soft, white pearls with clean, modern lines.”

Image credit: atelierdetroupe.com

5. Musgrave’s New Miniature Bottles

Local gin favourite Musgrave has just launched the 50ml bottle. “As a gin lover, I absolutely adore Musgrave’s Pink Gin – it’s great that they’re now available in handy little bottles too,” says Assistant Editor Tracy Greenwood.

Image credit: musgravegin.co.za