Picks of the Week

Clean and sleek tiles, a clock with a secret replacement battery pack, pretty energy-producing solar cells, and lights made from recycled truck parts are some of the team’s top picks for this week.

1. MUT Ceramic Tiles

Designed by Alberto Sánchez for MUT Design Studio, the Scales ceramic tile collection is simple, clean and colourful. “It symbolises everything that I love about design,” says online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring.

Image credit: mutdesign.com

2. SuzelleDIY: How To Make a Cauliflower Pizza

As always, editor-in-chief Sumien Brink chuckled over the latest SuzelleDIY episode.

Video credit: SuzelleDIY

3. Stephen Pikus’s Recycled Lights

Deputy editor Annemarie Meintjes thinks this is a truly bright idea: lights made from recycled truck air filters.

“These are usually filled with paper – about 80% of the weight is paper – that is contaminated and can’t be recycled,” explains Stephen. “The scrapyards won’t buy these in unless the paper is removed first. The problem is that these are glued closed on production so people set them alight, which is terrible for the environment as they are contaminated with various things including diesel. The ceiling cups are made from used oil filters.”

Image credit: greenlightdistrictsa.co.za

4. Marjan van Aubel’s Dye Sensitised Solar Cells

“I love how these windows soften the light coming through the glass while simultaneously harnessing its power. So cool and clever!” says our treasured Eat Out colleague, Linda Scarborough.

Image credit: fastcoexist.com

5. Vice Clock by Poorex

“I love how this little clock showcases functional design. It’s a timepiece and a nutcracker!” says content producer Michaela Stehr.

Image credit: design-milk.com

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