Picks of the Week

Picks Of The Week

From tiny decorated rooms inside abandoned manholes to handmade stationery and a chic daybed, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Biancoshock’s Borderlife Manhole Installations

“Artist Biancoshock has transformed old manholes in Milan into tiny, decorated rooms,” says online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. The installation aims to draw attention to Bucharest’s homeless, many of whom are forced to live in underground sewers.


Image credit: biancoshock.com

2. Lensvelt’s Boring Collection

Editor-in-chief Sumien Brink loves Lensvelt’s new Boring collection, which is being exhibited at Milan Design Week. “It is interesting how they are intentionally downplaying loud design to juxtapose work and play,” she says.

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Image credit: dezeen.com

3. Woodbender Chelsea Range

Chelseas low res

“The new Woodbender Chelsea range is all about combining a variety of colours and textures within your living space to create different layers of textiles. Perfect!” says features editor Tracy Greenwood.

Image credit: woodbender.co.za

4. Bofred Clifford Daybed


Content producer Michaela Stehr thinks local furniture brand Bofred’s Clifford Daybed is the epitome of luxury and style.

Image credit: bofred.co.za

5. Liberty Bespoke Stationery: The Island Bay Collection

lb_island2 lb_island1lb_island3

Dagmar Palmer’s pretty Island Bay stationery range caught managing editor Lise Avis’s attention this week. “I love the nostalgic idea of writing on paper instead of typing on my laptop,” she says.

Image credit: libertybespoke.co.za