Picks of the Week

From detailed embroidered rackets and storage inspired by old aeroplanes to striking photographs of houses and a table inspired by the movie Inception, these are the VISI top picks for the week.

1. Danielle Clough’s Embroidered Rackets

Content producer Michaela Stehr loves these beautifully embroidered tennis rackets by local designer and “embroiderer” Danielle Clough.


Image credit: boredpanda.com

2. Mieke Meijer’s Airframe 01 Cabinet

“I’m a huge fan of this cabinet inspired by 20th century aeroplane wings. So delicate!” exclaims managing editor Lise Avis.


Image credit: dezeen.com

3. Stelios Mousarris’ Wave City Coffee Table

Editor-at-large Malibongwe Tyilo is obsessed with this dream-like coffee table by Stelios Mousarris. “It’s so clever how he takes a scene from Inception and interprets it into furniture,” he says.

Image credit: archdaily.com

4. Lonely Houses by Sejkko

Online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring wouldn’t mind visiting one of these whimsical houses, photographed by Sejkko.


Image credit: designboom.com

5. The Arctic Beasts Plates By Tes-Ted Studio

“These make a refreshing change to boring, plain white plates,” says features editor Tracy Greenwood.

Image credit: mocoloco.com