Paper Table Lamps by OWL Paperlamps

WORDS Michaela Stehr

OWL Paperlamps, a Portuguese studio started by Hugo Formiga & Teresa Almeida, brings a variety of adorable animals to life with the flick of a switch.

Whether your lamp is turned on or off, the craftsmanship of folded paper makes a striking decor piece. “Their faceted volumetric construction is designed in a way that it confers resistance to the overall piece and the cotton-rich paper used was carefully selected to combine mechanical resistance with a uniform colour glow when the light is turned on,” say Hugo and Teresa.

From hippos and elephants to rabbits and parrots, this Lisbon-based brand creates lamps that you can assemble at home. The lamps, which are inspired by the ancient folding art of origami, arrive in a flat-pack DIY assembly kit with simple step-by-step instructions.

The brand’s latest range pays attention to larger endangered animals, with the aim to raise awareness around the home through design.

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