Palm Black Tattoo Co.

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES Jan Ras

When one thinks of a traditional tattoo parlour, it’s easy to let thoughts jump to lurid combinations of dark, dingy and hairy. Dotted with a combination of Raoul Goetze’s own well-known mandalas and beautiful Opus Studio creations, Palm Black Tattoo Co. in Harrington Street, Cape Town, is quite the opposite.

It’s light. It’s organised. There are fresh flowers. And surfboards. Whatever stereotypes you automatically associate with tattoo parlours, it’s time to put them to one side.

“There was no look or feel that I intentionally planned on,” says Raoul, “but I definitely wanted a space that would be calm and welcoming. I guess I just started at a point and went with what felt natural. When you just go for it, chances are that a space will naturally speak for itself and portray exactly what you’re about in the form of colour palettes, artwork, furniture, layout and feel.”

Most of all, Raoul wanted a space that felt authentic, “a space that when you walk in, you immediately know that it is mine,” he explains.

The 158m2 space is comprised of two levels, a ground floor reception area and an upstairs studio space where Raoul tattoos his clients. The ground floor area also plays host to stylist Nico Nigrini’s local menswear label, Stiebeuel.

Visit Palm Black Tattoo Co. at 115A Harrington Street, Cape Town (by appointment only). For more information, go to or