Cool Spaces: okja on Kloof

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Sacha Specker

A collaborative vibey spot on Cape town’s Kloof Street is home to the new creative hub of the plant-based brand okja.

The new space on 77 Kloof, houses many facets of the much-loved label. The space allows the creative team to test out ideas, create new tasty eco-conscious treats and welcome guests for a perfect cup of animal-friendly coffee or a delectable pastry.

The clean interior is striking in its simplicity, complemented by the bold, creative and bright design of the branding’s label and iconic packaging. On entry, the coffee bar (complete with a bright pink coffee machine) is sleek and clean. Behind that, is where the magic happens, home to the chefs and makers of the brand – in a wall-to-ceiling glass atelier, so guests can watch the baking process of what’s on offer. The building, dating back to 1895, is now a hub of baking and making for a brand that actively makes a difference in food consumption.

okja Cafe on Cape Town's Kloof Street

Rui Esteves, Creative Director and Co-Founder of okja, is somewhat uncompromising when it comes to product, which is why he hired a talented ex-Michelin-star restaurant pastry chef to commandeer okja’s in-house recipe development. 

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“Our little cafés are beacons for our brand, shrines for our fans, and live consumer testing labs. Everything has to be amazing,” he excitedly elaborates.

Up an old flight of wooden stairs is where Rui’s fellow founder and CEO, David Chait hangs with the design team, in their new office, brainstorming their future endeavours for the brand.

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