Cool Spaces: New York Apartment by Reutov Design

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES ArchDaily

Inspired by the southern Mexico sun, the smell of flowers and the individuality of cacti, this New York apartment by Reutov Design is a heady escape for a young couple caught in the hustle and bustle of Big Apple living.

The owners of the apartment entrusted Reutov Design with an unconventional approach. The result? An inner-city vacation haven that serves to help its inhabitants forget the stress of everyday life. Terracotta-pink walls meet pastel blues and fifty shades of green; colours that paint spaces with the smell of flowers and scenes of a holiday spent below the border.

Reutov Design

The variety of natural green shades makes for an ultra-modern interior that is at once visually striking and calming. Taking cues from the textures and colours typical of Mexican architecture, deserts and cacti fields, the apartment is a reflection of nature’s hand in design: organic and unpredictable.

Contemporary furnishings featuring soft shapes: plush cloud-like couches, round stone tables and statement pendant lights are complemented by accents of black and green marble, rose gold and dusty red. Cacti, chosen for their cosmic design that sees no two alike, tie spaces together to reflect the perfect haphazard placement of cacti in nature.

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