Cool Spaces: Casona Sforza by Alberto Kalach

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Alex Krotkov

Located on the shores of Oaxaca, Mexico Casona Sforza by Alberto Kalach of Taller de Arquitectura X appears a sandcastle risen from the natural landscape; a romantic composition of vaults, volumes and luxuriant essentials amidst mangroves and rolling waves unhindered by artifice.

Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, whose career has focused on creating site-specific works that complement their natural environment, aptly designed Casona Sforza‘s interior and exterior spaces to appear as if they were carved from the coastal sand. Outside, three volumes made up of ten vaults make arched rests for the sky. The volumes precede an azure moon of a swimming pool and gaze onto the Pacific Ocean.

Casona Sforza

Inside, the earth-toned theme continues in partitions, coatings and organic shapes. Concrete and wooden beams divide spaces to afford an interplay of heights – single, double and triple. Each affords interaction with the surroundings: temperature, solar path and ocean acoustics.

Furnishings feature a treasure trove of local artisan crafts: rugs from Teotitlán del Valle; textiles from the Oaxaca Valley; hammocks, chairs and curtains from Yucatán and palm lamps from Veracruz. All of which are combined with curious from the Oaxacan mountains made by potters, cabinetmakers, farmers and beekeepers in the Pueblo del Sol workshops – a sustainable production project supported by Casona Sforza.

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