New Water-wise Camps Bay Development

WORDS Amelia Brown

The Azure, designed by Metropolis and comprised of four luxury apartments, is due to be completed mid-2019.

Boasting mountain and sea views, the development, the latest from Horizon Capital Residential, is located 150 m from Camps Bay beach. There’s private lift access for mountainside residences, which have four en-suite bedrooms, and a private pool for each residence. The bespoke chef’s kitchen, with separate scullery, is fitted with Smeg appliances. 

“The four residences are works of contemporary architecture, integrated into their surroundings through the use of natural materials and simple primal forms,” says Jonathan Jacobson of Metropolis. “As homes in one of the country’s prime seaside locations, they are designed to combine simplicity and sophistication, relaxation and urbanity. With a strong flow between the inside and outside, the homes are connected to magnificent views on all sides. At the heart of each building is a green space – either a water-wise garden or courtyard – that continues nature’s presence into the interior of each residence.” 

The Azure has been designed with green efficiency and water sustainability top of mind. A well point will be established, providing an independent water supply to each residence. The water will first pass through an ultra-violent sterilisation unit, enabling residents to switch between municipal and well-point water. This supply will be supplemented with potable water storage tanks. A soak-away system is also being installed, whereby natural storm water is directed through a system of trenches allowing the replenishment of the aquifer, with only the overflow being directed into the city’s storm water system.

In addition, a grey water system has also been incorporated in the development, filtering and storing shower, bath and laundry water to be used in the sub-surface irrigation system. One of the key benefits of the sub-surface system is that less water is lost due to evaporation while the irrigation system is in operation. Finally, to avoid the thousands of litres of water that is traditionally lost by backwashing one’s pool, water from the pool will be backwashed into a storage tank where sediment is allowed to settle before the water is filtered and fed back into the pool by a gravity feed system.

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