New St Leger & Viney Showroom

WORDS Mary Garner

St Leger & Viney, one of the country’s most celebrated fabric houses, who stock brands such as GP & J Baker, Zoffany, Mulberry, Elitis and Cole & Son, has launched a new showroom in Kramerville, Johannesburg.

The idea behind the new showroom is to have a space where top tier products are available in one easy-to-access location. The showroom will also provide the team with the platform to showcase products in a more contemporary way.

“In our view, Kramerville continues to be the centre of decor and design in Johannesburg and we are thrilled to continue to be at the heart of this vibrant and thriving industry,” says David Ralphs, Managing Director of St Leger & Viney.

Peter Gordon will be curating displays at the venue, which will include pieces by Christopher Farr, Ralph Lauren and Elitis. You will also be able to see two new local decorative collections, namely Indochine and Panoramic.

For more information, visit or visit the new showroom at 7 Appel Rd, Kramerville, Johannesburg.