Copperleaf Studio Mirrors

Copperleaf Studio, a design agency founded two years ago by South African decor journalist Kelly Adami, has just released a range of stylish mirrors.

“I started the mirror range because I found a huge need for them in my interior design projects and I couldn’t find anything like them in any decor shops,” says Kelly. “Every single project I’ve ever done has needed a mirror, so it was an opportunity to create the exact thing I was looking for.”

The mirrors, which are available in five separate styles, namely Art Deco, Sunburst, Geometric, Grecian, and Simple, make use of metallic detailing, something which Kelly loves to decorate with. The mirrors are available an array of finishes, including bright brass, antique brass, satin copper, bright copper, matte black and matte white.

Speaking about the process, Kelly says, “I’ve enjoyed it so much that I think it will be the first collection of many. Next up – bespoke ottomans!”

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