New Head Office For Airbnb

WORDS Tracy Greenwood IMAGES Donal Murphy

Airbnb and Heneghan Peng Architects paired up to create a new head office.

Heneghan Peng Architects again cracked the nod to team up with Airbnb, this time working towards the completion of its new international HQ in Dublin, which functions alongside Airbnb’s previous base of operations in the same city.

Called The Warehouse, the 4000 m2 space houses more than 400 employees, and has been hailed as the company’s first “urban campus” model, featuring a range of versatile spaces connected by a dramatic central multifunctional staircase.

A complete renovation – the previous structure had fallen into a state of disrepair – the new building, where sharing and connectivity are top of mind, has been designed to reflect a “neighbourhood” concept whereby staff gather at communal tables rather than individual desks, creating a working environment that has more in common with a lounging space than a conventional office arrangement.

As with previous Airbnb offices, the design of the various rooms in the building are informed by Airbnb listings from all over the globe.