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Designed by Italian architect Francesa Perani, this multi-purpose ‘urban cabin’ used as a studio, guest house and retreat was initially a narrow porch connecting two overlapping villas. 

The space was originally used as a bicycle storage shed. The cabin is 25 square meters and is a long and narrow space. The small cabin has two main areas – the living rooms and combined kitchen and bedroom as well as a separate bathroom.

Never Too Small: Urban Cabin

The living area includes a 7m long bench for seating and storage underneath, while also unfolding into two single beds and allowing the remainder of the home to be split into a stylish bathroom.

Never Too Small: Urban Cabin
Never Too Small: Urban Cabin

Inspired by colour, texture and Persian design, the bathroom features indigo blue accents drawing reference to the mosque tiles, and recycled OSB timber throughout the space, creating a unique decor experience. The roof also featured a greenery system, adding to the sustainability of the space.

Never too small: Urban Cabin

A creative metal screen adds an interesting element as well as privacy onto the triangular garden.

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