Never Too Small: Boho Japanese London Small Apartment

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Ståle Eriksen via VIDEO NeverTooSmall on YouTube

Using clean lines and flexible design inspired by Japanese design, Architect John Procter of Procter & Shaw transformed a London apartment into a calm and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary.

Situated in a tree-lined street in Belsize Park, Shoji Apartment was briefed with a Japanese Boho theme in mind. Even though the apartment is small in size, smart thinking and careful planning maximises the potential for optimum space-saving.

Never Too Small: Shoji Apartment

The use of bright and natural materials, clean lines and soft yellow lighting to compliment the high ceilings and bay windows, creates an airy and spacious abode.

Never Too Small: Shoji Apartment
The walk-in cupboard.

Procter began by gutting the original interior, allowing the light to travel throughout the space. The home is built around the sleeping pod, which is raised off the floor to allow for more storage below. The pod is surrounded by translucent polycarbonate screens, which can be moved to conceal and reveal the space. The screens are opened during the day to allow the light to flow through the space and the bed is converted into a reading nook that overlooks the street outside, while at night, the pod becomes a quiet cocoon. 

Never Too Small: Shoji Apartment
The soft glow of the translucent screens is like a Japanese lantern
Never Too Small: Shoji Apartment
Clay works plaster, lino floors and birch ply throughout create a minimal yet luxurious style.

The kitchen is built into the birch ply cabinetry and can be tucked and stored away, with the dining/breakfast table being the main focal point.

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