Neolith® HQ Showroom


The recently renovated Neolith® HQ Showroom sees Neolith® specified across every surface, from floors, walls and ceilings to kitchen islands, sculptural features and vanity tops.

The space possesses a unique visual sophistication; a panorama of the highest quality materials and products combined to create a luxurious set of rooms full of sumptuous original details.

Furniture, fixtures and fittings provided by a handful of world-famous interior brands including: B&B Italia, Doca, Jacuzzi, Flos, Louis Poulsen and Pitt Cooking, further enhance the visual appeal of the showroom. Aside from providing essential context to each area theme, the carefully curated use of these assets throughout creates a cool and contemporary style with a welcoming and homely atmosphere.

The creative vision of in-house architect, Giuliana Barandiaran, the Neolith® HQ Showroom ultimately succeeds in bringing Neolith’s extensive collection of surfaces to life.

Raising The Bar

As visitors enter the showroom, they are greeted with a sophisticated bar area where the main feature is a striking, two-tone monolithic island in luxurious Nero Marquina and urban New York – New York, evoking the atmosphere of a fashionable modern cocktail lounge. The piece was designed in collaboration with Interior Designer Virginia Albuja.

Master Chef

Designed to create a visual dialogue with the neighbouring bar, the demonstration kitchen, equipped with a fully-integrated PITT Cooking range, is holistically specified in New York – New York from hood to hotplate. It’s a modish, minimalist space which complements culinary activity and never detracts or overshadows it. Flanked with elegant cabinetry DOCA, specified in black Nordic wood and inlaid with one of Neolith’s latest  patterns, Amazonico, the space seamlessly achieves style and panache.

A Majestic Lounge

When developing the concept for the Neolith® HQ Showroom’s living area, the design team wanted a welcoming, but aesthetically distinctive, space.

On entering, the eye is immediately drawn to a grand wooden dining table inlaid with Calacatta Luxe, made by B&B Italia specifically for this project. Carefully positioned lighting from Louis Poulsen further throws this lovingly-worked piece into an attractive relief.

Highlights include a geometric bookshelf in Strata Argentum and an interpretation of Magritte’s celebrated painting, ‘Son of Man’, assembled from various Neolith® offcuts, demonstrating that, when working with Neolith®, the only limit is the imagination.

Lathering Up…

The bathroom area offers a fresh perspective on the surface’s capabilities. Fully clad in exotic Mar del Plata and complemented with dazzling gold fixtures and fittings, the area is composed of a central vanity incorporating standard bathroom items. Camouflaged cabinetry and retractable doors also create the desirable illusion of more space.

Face Value

Bringing the outside in, a dedicated BBQ area has been raised on a platform to emphasise the ingenious design of the Neolith® surfaces used for this zone.

Fabricated into solid, octagonal structures, with a barbecue and spacious worktop incorporated, patinated Sofía Cuprum, inspired by treated industrial steel, is contrasted with pops of Arctic White Nanotech.

An Elegant Experience

Neolith® is also perfect for commercial spaces. The final area, which has a retail theme, consummately showcases how the material can lift and transform any shopping experience.

The space’s concept is based on a high-end fashion boutique. The walls and shelving are clad in an unusual but appealing combination of Mont Blanc and Retrostone, with a central table wrapped in the former pattern. These light colours create a feeling of distinction and spaciousness.

An Innovative and Sustainable Package

The Neolith® HQ Showroom allows customers and clients to see the full range of the brand’s patterns, finishes, formats and thicknesses in one location.

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