Home Fabrics Fibreguard Pro Collection

WORDS Celeste Jacobs

The FibreGuard Pro fabric collections from Home Fabrics make interiors of all kinds safer thanks to their sophisticated technology – and they look great too.

With better hygiene on everyone’s minds these days, the FibreGuard Pro fabrics from Home Fabrics, which includes three separate fabric collections – the Spartacus, Michelin and Combo ranges – is the perfect way to update interiors beautifully without compromising on health and safety.

All the fabrics in these luxurious ranges are soft to the touch as well as being moisture-, odour- and mildew resistant. A breathable membrane has been applied to the back of the fabric that prevents any penetration of liquids, while still allowing air to circulate. This makes FibreGuard Pro fabrics washable and easy to clean, in addition to being stain-resistant and having antimicrobial properties.

The Spartacus, Michelin and Combo collections are also durable, offering long-lasting value for money, and they’re eco-friendly to boot. Like all of the other FibreGuard fabrics available, the FibreGuard Pro range is certified under Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® – guaranteeing that the fabrics won’t release any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Apart from the increased peace of mind that these collections offer, they also come in a great variety of textures and even more colours.

In short, FibreGuard Pro fabrics offer all the latest benefits of hardwearing functionality, while also looking stylish in any space.

Check out all the options you can choose from at one of Home Fabrics’ showrooms countrywide, or via the website.