Muxarabi Apartment

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Renato Navarro PRODUCTION Olivia Canato

This São Paulo renovation by architect Vivi Cirello gained inspiration from combining textures and comforting tones, creating a warm yet modern creative home.

When Vivi Cirello was commissioned to reimagine this contemporary apartment, the bones of the space and existing decor were already pleasantly attractive, but there was a need to add a touch of warmth, homeliness and a contemporary edge to the interiors. This was achieved by introducing the addition of welcoming materials, such as wood, wool and a carefully curated art and furniture selection.

There was no structural change to the existing floorplan or architectural elements besides introducing a panel air-conditioning unit which is both aesthetically smart and pleasing to the eye. “So we did a renovation that combined aesthetics with function by creating a beautiful panel with a pivot door and in this same panel the air conditioner and its pipes were protected”, explains Cirello.


Some highlights for Cirello in the space include the use of wood that warmed the entrance hall, the dining room and the home theatre. In order not to be excessive, they made a low cabinet with shelves for the home that is next to the large wooden air-conditioning panel.

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The door that separates the dining room from the kitchen is white lacquered muxarabi; in the entrance panel and in the home theatre bookstore, the muxarabi was made in freijó natural wood veneer, for the entrance cladding a panel of slats was placed and finally, the wall next to the television was clad in smooth wood.

The tones and hues used are predominantly neutral with bold pops of colour featured throughout the home. This is accentuated with materials used from luxurious textiles and fabrics through to the wood and muxabari, giving the space a glowing new lease on life.

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