Must See: 100% Chair at Decorex Joburg

Must See: 100% Chair at Decorex Joburg

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One of the longest standing decor and design exhibition platforms, Decorex is taking place in Joburg from 28-31 July at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The energising power of design is the mantra of the 2022 edition of Decorex Joburg. Design lovers from Gauteng and beyond will be able to experience a host of fresh new designs at the four-day show.

The much anticipated 100% Chair is an all-new showcase curated by Bielle Bellingham where the public will get a glimpse of brand new chairs from local designers. 100% Chair forms part of 100% Design Africa, which is co-located with Decorex Joburg, and will also feature the new 100% Weave and 100% Transparency exhibitions.

Expect to enter into a debate about this indispensable object with an exhibit that unseats concepts around the meaning of “good design” as much as honouring its historic legacy as a form of throne. Here are 9 incredible chair designs to look out for:

The Fluted Occasional Chair by Pedersen + Lennard

Decorex Joburg

Pedersen + Lennard, the Cape Town-based brand behind the Decorex Stand Award Trophy for 2022, have designed a chair that highlights the beauty of a simple curve. Inspired by a steel pipe bender, the Fluted Occasional Chair is a chair designed to make you sit back and immerse yourself in the shape of the curves. The smooth, steel frame of the chair is juxtaposed by soft upholstered seats in either a textured fabric or classic African leather.

Caulk Chair by Matthew Dasneves

Decorex Joburg

The extraordinary Caulk chair from Cape Town-based architect Matthew Dasneves is made from offcut polystyrene that is carved and assembled into functional forms. Dasneves then uses a caulking gun to lay beads of rubber sealant to create a multi-dimensional, richly textured surface pattern that is both functional and fun.

The Classic Diner by Houtlander

Decorex Joburg

“The world does not really need another chair, but it does need better ones.” It was this sentiment that inspired award-winning Houtlander furniture to design a new chair that was strong, durable, beautiful and can actually be passed down from generation to generation. The Classic Diner took the team at Houtlander months to perfect as they found the delicate balance between a classically pared-down brand aesthetic and hard-working durability – and the result is a dining chair you can rely on.

Lucky Chairs by Haldane Martin

Decorex Joburg

Feeling lucky? Decorex Joburg sees the launch of Haldane Martin’s Lucky Chairs. The new  range – which includes a stool, dining chair, lounge chair and loveseat – is full of positive, happy feels. Each of the almost chubby-looking chairs share two main elements:  buxom upholstery and clean arcs, making them both chic and undeniably comfortable. A range like this is typically reserved for lounges and other indoor spaces, but thanks to the use of textured outdoor fabrics you can take the chairs outside as well.

The Hardwood Chair by James Mudge

Decorex Joburg

The Hardwood Chair by Cape Town design studio James Mudge is a striking contemporary dining chair that also celebrates curves in all their glory. As a studio that has been creating hand-made, solid-wood furniture since 2006, James Mudge has perfected shaping timber to their liking, and the solid oak, painted Hardwood Chair is no different.  The gentle curves of the backrest and the shaped timber seat are offset by the sleek lines of the angled timber legs.

Casey Occasional Chair by Curación

Decorex Joburg

Curación, the Cape Town interior design studio, prides itself on creating timeless essentials that instantly elevate any setting – and the Casey Occasional Chair is another one of their designer gems. The classy yet playful form of the curved armrest is masterfully balanced with simple, powder-coated steel legs.

Just a Windsor by Oliver Whyte

Just a Windsor is a project about imagination. Ross Robertson, the founder of Cape Town-based Oliver Whyte Studio, had the idea to take something well-known and change it to a point that teeters between recognisable and unknown. Just a Windsor is a second-hand Windsor chair hand-covered in epoxy clay that creates a squishy, soft appearance on an otherwise rigid chair.

Decorex Joburg n runs from 28-31 July at the Sandton Convention Centre. For more information, visit

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