Cool Spaces: Think Health Naturopathy by BOX Arquitectos

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Ivo Tavares Studio

Nature-inspired hues and soft lines create a calming treatment environment in this wellness space designed by BOX arquitectos.

Located in the centre of Ponta Delgada – a picturesque city in Portugal’s Azores archipelago – Think Health Naturopathy is a calming oasis for visitors looking to invest in their wellbeing.

Architecture studio BOX arquitectos was tasked with transforming the space into an environment that aptly reflected the naturist approach that the clinic takes in its practice. With just 85sqm to play with, the architects used nature and the concept of transparency – ‘seeing and being seen’ – as inspiration for creating the different ‘public zones’ that inhabit the space: an office and a reception area.

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Colour, contrasting materials and strategically placed lighting have been used to demarcate the visible spaces within Think Health Naturopathy.

BOX arquitectos
The office space.

One corner of the reception is covered in light green tiles and vegetation, with large windows reinforcing the connection to the natural world. This relaxing hue is carried through to the office which is separated by a large wooden-framed window.

The display area is characterised by shades of white, grey and brass. Backlit white wall panelling cocoons this peaceful nook which leads to the treatment room (the only private space) beyond.

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