Lucy Sparrow’s Felt Groceries

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Michael Anthony Hernandez via

British artist Lucy Sparrow is behind the fun “Sparrow Mart”, a grocery store filled with more than 31 000 felt products.

All of the wares were hand sewn by her team of five, and were all for sale, with prices starting at $5 (approximately R75). In fact, the installation, which was located at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, had to close early because all of the products sold out.

Smiling sausages, furry cereal boxes and happy pieces of fruit are just a tiny portion of what was on offer in this whimsical display of nostalgia. Certain items were filled with beans, to correctly convey the weight of the product.

Just like a real store, “Sparrow Mart” was equipped with aisles, an ATM, tellers and shopping baskets.

Visit her website here for more information.