Local Design: Anne Hodgson’s Wooden Creations

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Working from her studio in Cape Town’s Observatory, designer Anne Hodgson creates beautiful hand carved wooden accessories for the home.

From knives, salad servers and measuring spoons to cheese boards and bread boards, Anne’s pieces are both functional and aesthetically appealing. The designs are hand-shaped from wood offcuts, and are available in a selection of hardwoods, from black walnut, maple and white pear to cherry and elm. “Each handcrafted wooden piece I make… is unique, simple, strong and finely finished, made with intent, to last and be handed on to the next generation,” she explains.

As featured in our recent post on Dor+Kie [O]bjects jewellery, Anne also collaborated with former workshop mates, design duo Diana and Andre James, on a range of servers, knives and spoons, some of which can be viewed in the above gallery. The process was an intricate one, making each piece that much more special. As Diana explains in our post, “Each piece that we make is unique and I try to place the metal facet or inlay of each piece in a unique way. It’s quite a laborious process: first Anne roughly shapes the piece, then I facet my part and add the metal facet (which is riveted on), then Anne does the final carving and shaping on her part and ‘lifts’ the grain, then I do the final sanding on my part and polishing of the metal facet, and then Anne does the final finishing and polishing of the wood.”

To shop Anne’s range, visit annehodgson.co.za. For more information, contact Anne at hello@annehodgson.co.za.