Introducing VISI’s Latest Issue: 129

VISI Issue 129 Cover

My earliest memory of being on holiday was a trip to Scottburgh. This was a big deal to me. Until then, my world had been defined as Benoni-with-the-odd-Boksburg-adventure-to-see-my-gran – but now we were getting into my mom’s VW Beetle and going to visit The Sea. It was 1969, I was three, Janine was a young single mother, and the two of us were off on a great adventure.

My mother still talks about that holiday. As the story goes, the moment we hit the Scottburgh beach, I bolted into the surf shouting, “Hello Big Water!” and, much to Janine’s horror, had to be rescued by vigilant lifeguards. We moved to Cape Town five years later, and her PTSD flared up on any subsequent beach trip.

I hope that you’re reading this bumper issue of VISI on a drama-free holiday of your own, or are at least planning one – because that’s exactly what our focus is this month. Along with a series of features on beautiful, summery homes and our cover story (the evocative Duke’s East camp in the Okavango Delta, p120), we have a special 28-page guide that covers local and international travel. If you’re visiting one of South Africa’s main cities – Joburg, Cape Town or Durbs – there’s a design-curated itinerary of the best places to visit; and if you’re planning an overseas trip, we’ve put together a list of the coolest design-inspired sights in New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Lisbon and Sydney. And since it is the festive season, we also bring you our annual VISI Gift Guide (p70) to help you find fab prezzies for your friends and fam. To narrow things down, we’ve arranged it according to four categories: Luxe, Countrycore, Minimalist and Afromodern.

Here’s to a fun and relaxing festive season – and I hope that, at some point, you get to say hello to the Big Water too.

– Steve Smith, Editor |

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