In Bloom

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Justine Patrick; Studio Kalki

2022 Nando’s Hot Young Designer winner Nindya Bucktowar of Studio Kalki offered a sneak peek of her latest whimsical lighting design, the BLOM Sconce, at this year’s Cape Town Furniture Week.

The Durban-based designer specialises in ceramic topographical sculptures and installations, using earthen fragments as a medium to create immersive spaces and experiences. She, together with Nikhil Tricam, co-founded Studio Kalki. The studio specialises in carefully crafted and curated bespoke ceramic tiles and functional furniture pieces that gain inspiration from the local indigenous flora of South Africa.

Nindya recently unveiled her new flower-inspired lighting range in a group exhibition curated by Clout/SA. Held at the Sinsonke Gallery as part of the Cape Town Furniture Week programme, the exhibition celebrated South African heritage.

In Bloom: Studio Kalki BLOM Sconce

Crafted as an ode to the universal flower doodle, the BLOM Sconce seamlessly fuses ceramic artistry and innovation. Each ceramic body is meticulously handcrafted in Nindya’s Durban studio, with each piece meticulously fashioned from locally sourced clay and finished with signature glazes from Kalki Ceramics. The concentric regular pattern is carved on the surface of each bloom, contrasting the organic nature of the clay slabs. The light itself casts a warm glow on the petals highlighting the beauty of the carvings.

Comprising 50 distinct components and with an intricate assembly process involving 12 specialists and suppliers, each BLOM Sconce is a creative masterpiece.

Launching in April 2024, the first edition of the BLOM Sconce will consist of 12 pieces, each with a unique shape and captivating colour palette. 

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