How to Maximise Space in a Small Apartment

How to Maximise Space in a Small Apartment

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In multi-functional areas like studio apartments, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics is paramount.

When it comes to tiny homes, small apartments and inner-city studios, maximising space requires a thoughtful approach. We asked interior designer Mish Hsu of Tangerine Studio for her advice when it comes to transforming compact spaces into functional living areas… without compromising style.

tips for small spaces

DECLUTTER. The first step towards creating a sense of spaciousness in a small apartment or home is decluttering. It’s important to remove anything unnecessary – items that aren’t used (or loved) can always be donated or upcycled into something more functional.

✖ CONSIDER YOUR COLOUR PALETTE. Choosing a fixed and intentional theme or colour palette is crucial because consistency in design creates cohesion and enhances the perceived size of the space. Light and pastel tones reign supreme when it comes to tiny spaces. Opting for lighter paints like neutrals on walls and light-coloured curtains helps to reflect light and create an illusion of spaciousness.

FURNITURE CHOICE COUNTS. Avoid oversized furniture at all costs – it will only overwhelm a small space. Instead, focus on pieces that are proportionate and multi-functional. Customising furniture to fit the dimensions of your space ensures a perfect fit and maximises both style and comfort.

✖ HARNESS THE POWER OF LIGHTING. Lighting plays a pivotal role in making small spaces appear more expansive. For example bright, neutral lighting helps to minimise shadows that can create visual clutter. Changing lightbulbs or placing lamps at strategic points in a room can also make a big difference.

Expert Tips

  • Incorporate functional storage solutions that double as decor pieces, such as woven baskets or stylish shelving units.
  • Choose interesting floor or bedside lamps to add personality to the space while fulfilling functional needs
  • Utilise moveable furniture like kitchen islands on wheels or fold-out desks to help divide the space effectively.

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